VIRTUAL REALITY IN REAL TIME: an evening of discussion with Sundance curator Shari Frilot

Virtual Reality in Real Time: A Conversation 
TUESDAY MAY 2, 730pm / Communications Studio C 

Coming to Santa Cruz to discuss VR (Virtual Reality) with the UCSC community are Sundance curator Shari Frilot, who pioneered the exhibition of VR at the Sundance festival and has watched it evolve over the years, and Prof. Homay King (Bryn Mawr), who writes on the place of digitality in the art world and cinema.

Their conversation gets underway at 7:30 but they are asking everyone to watch VR ahead of time. “Do your homework,” they say, since it cannot be projected in a theater (yet). Just go on to the website set up for their talk: and you’ll find all the links and instructions.

For anyone unable to access VR viewing on their own, just come an hour early to Communications #139 and you can try it out on site, with students there to assist you, for an hour or so before the talk.


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