Jill Godmilow Screening of “Far From Poland” and Post-Realism Seminar #1

Far From Poland
Screening and Discussion with Jill Godmilow
co-sponsored by Film + Digital Media Visiting Artist Series

Monday April 29, 2013, 6 PM, Communications 150 / Studio C

A filmmaker single-handedly dismantles the sinister symmetry of the Cold War while remaking documentary film aesthetics –  combining archival footage, revolutionary tracts, historical reenactments, political satire, and swatches of soap opera –  through the miracle of the Polish Solidarity movement. “Like the best of Godard, it is film criticism and social criticism at the same time. It lacks manners, violating film etiquette to keep you from relaxing into familiar ideological postures. It’s a work-in-progress as a matter of conviction.” – Pat Aufderheide

Post-Realism Seminar #1

Tuesday April 30, 2013 10 AM, Communications 139

jill-godmilow-03Jill Godmilow has produced and directed award-winning political nonfiction film for several decades, including: Antonia: A Portrait of the Woman (1974); Waiting for the Moon (1987); Roy Cohn/Jack Smith (1995); What Farocki Taught (1997); and Lear ’87 Archive (Condensed) (2003). Her work has been recognized by the Guggenheim and Rockefeller foundations, nominated for an Academy Award, and featured at the Whitney Biennial and the Sundance Film Festival, as well as recently being added to the prestigious National Film Registry and the collections of the Wisconsin Center for Film & Theater Research. She has just retired from 20 years of teaching film production and critical studies in the Department of Film, Television & Theatre at the University of Notre Dame.

Jill Godmilow’s website

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